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Men's Adidas Toronto Maple Leafs John Old seven talk about love also said love clever woman, she know better to do so, to win the respect of the man 01 actually you are to meet the feeling or to meet the love?You should understand a truth, a what kind of feelings in front of you, you should do a smart woman, only a smart woman can master more happiness.Especially in the face of love, when you become smarter, you can take care of your man, grasp his every move, let him luckily happiness happy life to you, your heart, your love, your career can double harvest, so, you are a what kind of woman, you should understand that these three, the three just can buy a happy life.Clever woman won't let a man to wait, also won't let a man to go, but oneself silently pay, pay a let a man feel what, such woman just is clever woman, isn't before love is a bit careful machine, your affection just can become more happy.And these are very wonderful, the scheming of these girls often hide what foundation!02 first point: the personality independence is the first independent personality, both your mind and you can pay attention to some of the things, you have to make sure that you are independent in love, only independent women will moment with beautiful, small daughter is most in need of the beautiful, can keep the love alive, let love long long time, so the girl must learn to treat life wisely, learn to have their own thoughts, and your thoughts will come from your work, learn to work, not to rely on, rely on the man who finally, will not meet the requirements of your mental and physical.So those personality independent women, yearning for happiness, their happiness is often in their own hands.The second point: respect yourself, respect others need most is to respect each other in love, you have your self-esteem, people have their own self-esteem, self-esteem, have the bottom line of the talents should be sad, love, two people I also need to respect each other, and have respect for each other will be say happiness, will only make you more happy, more happy, the life is happy life, if you pick up a minute sincere love, if you don't cherish, don't go looking for him, that the end of the day, your love will go to bad sleep.So does a girl need to be a smart woman?Other women know how to respect men, must respect men will give you no security, so good happiness.The third point: understanding tolerance to understand each other can go to understand each other's love, happiness is like a long love, must be a woman is smart, because they are smart will let their emotional intelligence high emotional intelligence of woman, just understand oneself how should love can be happy, know to understand tolerance of love can be long, because they know the two people in love is to love yourself more.On the basis of this love will love each other, and each other know to tolerate each other, will make love more happy, will make love more happy.So the girl learn to tolerate and understand him, such love can bring you happiness.03 old seven conclusion: I met a what kind of love, love at the beginning is running toward the direction of long-term happiness, so cherish your love, continue to do a good job for this basic things, you will meet a happy love, your feelings will be everlasting will be more happy, isn't it?Life is like this, meet love smile to enjoy it, meet love then the past gone with the wind.What do you think?If you like small make up of articles, then quickly to collect and pay attention to it.The END

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